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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Usually everyday from Mondays to Fridays we have to read our books silently as to keep ourselves busy and improve our standard or writing and understanding the words(meaning) for oral.I like it very much as i love reading and therefore it also can help us in improving!I normally read mystery books and Ghost stories but now teachers are starting to notice that we are reading eg:(Mr Midnight) stop us from reading that book as they said that it is a primary 3-4 books and we are primary 6 and should read better books.It can help us in many ways like learning verbs nouns adjetives and the meaning.The school is already trying their best to encourage pupils to read books by making them to silent read at 7.15-7.25 and 10.55-11.05.And sometimes the school also ask the librarian to lend us some books for the whole class to read together!I really like the book (The Last Apprentice) by Joeseph Delaney as it is a ongoing series by him and it is a boy who is the 7th son of the 7th son becoming an apprentice.He will have to go through many tests and fights among witches and boggarts,and after that,face the witches (FATHER) and slay him
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