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Sunday, April 19, 2009
  T2W5:Earth Day:
Earth day is very important to me and should be also important to other people around the's important to me because it gives me a reason to bring up environmental tips with my family, friends and co-workers...I understand that we will have to protect the earth from harmful effects or things,especially global warming but i do not know whether it really is going to happen in our lives.It is important to recycle,reuse and reduce so that we can save up eg.papers and other 'things'.I will have to save up things reuse and recycle and not pollute or throw any litter around the environment.The two activities that i am familiar with are 'plant a tree or plant' and 'clean up and beautify'.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009
  T2W3:Improving The School
I like the computer lab very much as it is the only time where we can relax after much studies in class.I dislike the art room very much as everywhere is all paint and the chairs are too high!It is also very dirty.Furthermore i hate art too.I think that the school can get more cleaner and newer tables for the art room and to clean it thoroughly.For the canteen,the school should also put more chairs and tables as there are insufficient tables and chairs for the pupils.Sometimes even when after classes the canteen is always crowded,also..we are always having problems finding seats when we are late for recess or lunch.I think that teachers can release us earlier or exactly on time so that we can easily find a seat.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009
  T2W2:Healthy Food
My favourite food is chicken rice as the rice and the chcken has the fragarance and the taste standard which i like it.My favourite food is not healthy as it is oily.It is important to eat healthily as we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.Some of the diseases that are caused by unhealthy food are: diabetes,and other sorts of cancers.Eatinf fruits and vegetables can help us to grow taller and others so on...I like to eat fruits and vegetables as it can benefit me very much.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Usually everyday from Mondays to Fridays we have to read our books silently as to keep ourselves busy and improve our standard or writing and understanding the words(meaning) for oral.I like it very much as i love reading and therefore it also can help us in improving!I normally read mystery books and Ghost stories but now teachers are starting to notice that we are reading eg:(Mr Midnight) stop us from reading that book as they said that it is a primary 3-4 books and we are primary 6 and should read better books.It can help us in many ways like learning verbs nouns adjetives and the meaning.The school is already trying their best to encourage pupils to read books by making them to silent read at 7.15-7.25 and 10.55-11.05.And sometimes the school also ask the librarian to lend us some books for the whole class to read together!I really like the book (The Last Apprentice) by Joeseph Delaney as it is a ongoing series by him and it is a boy who is the 7th son of the 7th son becoming an apprentice.He will have to go through many tests and fights among witches and boggarts,and after that,face the witches (FATHER) and slay him
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  T1W7:Activities Outside School
From Monday to Sunday i only have to stay back on wednesday for my CCA(Badminton) and the rest of the days i normally go home to study or do myhomework,rest.On wednesday,my badminton usually lasts from 3.30-5.30 about 2hours from then.I am involved in this activity as i can work a balance schedule on studying and playing and also i like this Badminton CCA alot and i also had been playing since young.Furthermore,it does not really affect my school work or studying as it is only on wednesday and in this situation i can have a timetable for playing and working out.I am not really stressed about having a CCA.For everyone else they should have a CCA too to balance his/herself and exercise their body and be healthy.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009
  Total Defence Day 2009
I will defend the singapore flag as when if there is a time where singapore will win the beijing olympics we will have a great chance to raise our flag proudly and on the national anthemn to represent our country*Singapore*.Thats why defending the national flag to me is very important and is honoured by us!
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